What you need to purchase at

our auction:


Public Auction Info:

  • $400 Cash Deposit- This will be applied towards your purchase. If you do not purchase a vehicle, your deposit is refunded back to you
  • Proof of Insurance- Must be current (can be from your current vehicle or a vehicle your name is insured under)
  • Valid ID- Please bring your valid ID or Driver's License as this is who your title will be filled out to
  • Fun Attitude- Because you are going to have an excellent experience from start to finish
  • Auctions are every Thursday night at 6:30pm
  • We have Saturday Auctions on special occasions, so be sure to check our Events page for upcoming Saturday Auctions.
  • First Time Buyer Seminar starts at 6:20pm... The auctioneers will teach you what to look for, how to bid, and answer any questions you may have.
  • You can preview our Inventory online or in person at anytime! Just stop in during normal business hours and start looking for your next vehicle

Forms of Payment:


Your purchase:

  • We accept any major Credit or Debit Card
  • Cash
  • Certified Bank Check
  • With the purchase of a vehicle, there will be a Buyers Fee attached to that price you bid.
  • You will receive a 30 day temporary tag to ride and drive on
  • Title work is processed in house to your name, all you have to do is take the title to DMV and process your title into your name and get your hard tags.