Where do the vehicles come from that you auction?

-All of our vehicles are New Car Trades, Bank Repossessions, Dealer Consignments, and donated vehicles.


When do you have auctions?

-Our auctions are every Thursday Nights at 6:30pm but we sure to check our Auction Calendar, we often times have a Saturday morning auction once a month.


Can I Pre-Register to buy?

-Yes you may Pre-Register to buy as a Public Customer, click here to register online


Do all vehicles come with a Title?

-Yes, all vehicles come with Titles, if the title is not present at the time of the auction, the dealer has 21 business days to get us the title.


What types of payments do you accept?

-We accept cash, certified check and all major credit cards.


What do I need to buy a car at the auction?

-All you need is your drivers license, proof of insurance and a $400.00 cash deposit. If you do not purchase a vehicle that night, your deposit will be refunded.


Do you issue me a temporary tag if I purchase a vehicle?

-Yes we issue you a 30 day temporary tag that you can drive around on until you decide to take your car into DMV to get your hard plate from the state which you live in.


If I buy a car, how long do I have to finish paying for it?

-If you purchase a vehicle on a Thursday Night, by Friday at 1pm your car must be picked up and paid for in full.


How much does it cost to attend the auction?

-Our auctions are free to attend, you only need money when you plan to bid on a vehicle.


How much do the cars sell for?

-Our prices range from $500-$40,000 all depending on the year, make and mileage of a vehicle. We can find a vehicle for you in any price range and budget.


What if I didn't bring enough money to pay for the vehicle the night of the auction?

-After you purchase the vehicle that night, you have up until 12pm the next day to finalize payment in full.


-Why are your vehicles so inexpensive? 

Our vehicles are much more affordable because we sell in high volume and most cars sold at auctions are sold at "wholesale" value which is much less than retail and private owner value. You can save thousands by cutting out the middle man and purchasing your car straight from an auction.